Maimed Roots

Come, let’s plant this tree. It will bear fruits with the condition that its roots die with every passing yield. So stretch that unsoiled fruitful hand stirred by benevolence. Stretch even further for that gift of penance buried in the soil. But remember stirrings are but weary feet bereft of vigour, stagnant sail ships denied of propelling winds. For when the wind blows it will surely come laden with more than just air. And as the barnacles await yet another shipwreck, the empty hands stretch for their maiming.




Farewell our fair well. You’ve served us well, midst the dry spell. For in all abundance it fell and dismissed that which you quell. Now immersed in its swell, of thirst we can hardly tell.

Calm Waters


Years rush like a flood yet here be still alike the waters they empty to. But have not the skies teared and sent ripples on this calmness? Has not the earth below shook and raged the very bed that these waters lie? Brimmed they have grinned from the inebrious excesses and steamed they have fumed at the thirsting aridity. Yet, though it ever beckons, the sunset has yet to say farewell to their last glimmering droplet. Underneath the surface be where it keeps alight its undying furnace, its darkly grimace.

“Today it is calm, tomorrow it storms. But still water forever flows.”
Dance of the Water, P.Kokko (Kalmah)

Connected Nonsense (The Ant Hours Visited)

Hey you! The infallibly stupid off from the funeral procession. Still wondering about the staple of polished rice are you? Hope not, for that Octobery log awaiting your tireless push ain’t going to roll far with such a quick burning fuel. And don’t even think of bringing back those dejected minions from the “full walk” tragedy into the fold to give you a hand. Last time I checked their opinions were still running on empty calories and if they had greens, that must have been decades before a certain debaucherous queen and her prolific colony took over the shaky part of their master’s farmland. Talk about an egg-crazed hive mind coming to a fragile rescue! Anyway, back to the log. My advice is that you take those precious obsidians of yours and think about starting a sizeable fire. Don’t mind their streaking, after all is it not from that fire that we owe civilization? With the heat of its flames, go ahead and cook something that will put to shame the minutes it takes to cook that polished rice – a ginormous starchy root tuber will do. Meanwhile as it cooks, retreat to your prosaic and lifeless slumber to hearten dreams of a grand hunger. Wherein, the empty stomach, spared of bitter digestive juices, will surely groan with demonic gutturals – nightmares to rouse the starved brain senselessly buried in a constipated pillow.

No Fun


Calm and stern alike the flowerless fern. Braving callous wind and the frolicking careless man. There are no petals to pluck here, no flowing nectars to suck. The lush green bloom be its luck and their resounding lack. Yet, fronds heartening indifference, can only be held fast by roots outspread in ambivalence.

Jubilant Discord


Strum the chord and on they revel!

Chaos is only sown to reap accord at the cost of scythed masses, and the feasting table of giants is one that is contingent on the legs of sceptres that promise to bear its weight steadfastly. For the minion chefs, with their teary chopping onion fests, will gladly prepare these culinary delights with the flames of their self-oppressed torched effigies; as will the jubilant servants, lash their backs for badges sewn with the threads of discord. Yet to soothe their hunger is merely to tease their insatiable bellies.

Cut the music and the prize for stomping is a foundation beaten to gravel.

“Oligarchs need each other; they are their own best friends; they understand their insignias – but nevertheless each of them is free; he fights and conquers on his ground, and would rather perish than submit”  F. Nietzsche



Strewn was the seed from the hands of two, sickled was the grain from the hand of one and blown was the chaff by the winds of time. What to bear the weight of the harvest if not the granary conspicuous to every villager. And who to watch over its earthen wall, its thatched roof, from pests and calamity alike, if not the one that reaps? Yet not even the strongest of walls nor the most watchful of eyes, can protect sacks from the burden of their own weights. And so, as the grain spills into the open, so does the same wind that blew its shells to sea, carry its aroma back to the long lost hand’s shore.

The Empty Frame


Unclench the stone and carry the dust. The imprints on rock carved are secrets of the carver, impenetrable chest to their beholder.Work of art, worlds apart.

Set the trap and scare the kill. The trails on thicket passed are fright to the browsing prey, pangs to the hungered hunter.Work of art, hours dart.

Freeze the shiver and warm the cold. The drops of glaciers thawed are fills for the lost lake, rapids to the journeying sheep.  Work of art, paths depart.